Prayer for 2017

In the Name of Jesus we ask You Father to cover Your daughters with Your protection throughout 2017

May they be girded up by Your everlasting love and always know the closeness of Your presence

May the oil in their lamps be ever full, ready to engage in all that You have for them to do

May they grow ever closer to You and may their hearts deepen in love for You

May they know that they are loved by You

They are pearls in Your hand, precious ones, the crown wearing daughters of the Living King!

With more strength than they know today

Lift up their heads to see where their help comes from

Take their ashes and make beauty from them, for nothing is wasted

Bring light where any darkness remains

And joy where mourning still lies

Stir up hope, that faith may arise even higher than before

Lord make 2017 be their Breakthrough Year, full of newness, adventure and fulfilment of Your word over their lives

Excitement sparkles in the atmosphere right now, for what You are about to do Lord

Let them catch hold of it and flow with Your Holy Spirit

Listening to Your guidance and Your wise Counsel

And may they hear You cheering them on!

In Jesus’ Name we pray




The Women Beyond Walls Ministry Team