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April/May 2017


The Power of God’s Light in Your Life!

Drowning out the world can be difficult sometimes! Keeping your focus on Jesus, not so easy when the world gets so loud you can hardly hear your own thoughts and when circumstances try to totally consume you!

Our 5 Senses can deceive us. But faith that comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God means; that we have to let our flesh and spirits hear the word of God in order to wash out that deception. And this is a constant work that is at the root of the renewing of our minds. The greatest part of this being The Holy Spirit’s revelation of the word given to us and His breaking of yokes and bondages in us.

But washing out that deception is not the complete solution. You have to mix faith with hope and love of the Father to find true belief in the word and the promises. Especially if we have been fasting the word so long that we are spiritually wrinkled and dry.

This means letting go of self, that operates in the world and allowing ourselves to fall into the arms of the Father, in our messy state. The Father knows how to unravel all the spiritual and emotional spaghetti knots we have wound ourselves up in.

But that takes trust! Learning to trust the Father and His love for us takes time and effort! Effort meaning: “keep going, don’t stop!” Don’t be discouraged because you are not getting the responses from God in your ‘secret place’ that you expected or desired!




But it is up to you to change the spiritual atmosphere in your world! Inviting God in to your secret place of prayer, worship and the word means The POWER of The Almighty will be at work in you and your circumstances. It might feel as if “this is not working” but God doesn’t need to do much to ‘pierce your darkness.’ Opening the Door always brings His Light in! You see God is Light and His LIGHT dispels ALL Darkness!

So, we need to LET HIM FULLY IN! Don’t just leave the door slightly open. Open it wide and let His Light fully shine in to every area of your heart, mind and life. When God created the world, He didn’t say “let there be a little light” He said: “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” That means:





He created the ‘Sun’ to provide light to all the earth and “THE SON” to provide HIS LIGHT to all His Sons and Daughters.

FULL ON LIGHT, to His sons and daughters ALL THE TIME to provide us with a spiritually ABUNDANT LIFE. But to get this ABUNDANT LIFE, you need His ABUNDANT LIGHT!

And as we are also called to be overcomers, that means overcoming the world through the LIGHT in us. Overcoming bad with good. Destroying darkness with LIGHT.

But even more than that! Overcoming is getting over or past some thing or situation. But, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS! We don’t just get over or past a situation, circumstance or a spiritual enemy. We are to overthrow the enemy causing them to acknowledge their permanent defeat and to take control of the enemy and the territory that is rightfully ours!

As more than Conquerors, we come out of battle with a complete and irreversible victory. A victory won by our God on a Cross thousands of years ago.

No pyrrhic victory for us (one that cost us too much to be worthwhile). No! Our VICTORYS ARE ETERNAL! And afterwards, we are restored to a better state than before. With no chinks in our armour. Stronger after the battle; with more faith, more hope and MORE LIGHT!

So “LET THERE BE LIGHT IN YOUR LIFE ALWAYS!” Open the Door continually. Let the Lord in daily, hourly and to every minute and second of your life. “LET HIM FULLY IN”, so “His LIGHT” will be “FULLY ON” in your life!

Jesus Who IS The Door because He is the way to The Father (The Father of Lights, The Almighty God) said to us:


Revelation 3:20 (Amp)

“Behold; I STAND AT THE DOOR [of the church] and CONTINUALLY knock. If anyone hears My voice and OPENS the door, I WILL COME IN and eat with him (RESTORE him), and he with Me.”


   Contributed by Karen Coote




by Bev Richardson 2015

POEM – Written on Silent Retreat at Malshanger Hall, 2015


Take my hand and walk with me

Along my chosen path,

Journey forth and fear me not

As we talk and laugh.


Let us walk, hear my voice,

Let’s take this time together

Amble and relax in me

Trust my steps, to bring joy and pleasure.


Take my hand and walk with me

Life’s journey to discover

And as I lead you by the hand

My plans I will uncover.


The gentle narrow path of green

Unfolds before you now,

Trust me to direct your steps

And to show you how.


Take my hand and walk with me

Your journey at its start,

As the grassy path unwinds

Reveals my vision to your heart,

And as the narrow road begins to straighten

Its mystery is set apart.


Take my hand and walk with me

As the path is straighten, stop now,

Hear the songbirds, admire the trees,

the diversity of my creation.


Don’t rush ahead, just ‘be still’

And consider the path you’ve taken,

And as you observe my ways

Each step you take

will expand your imagination.


Take my hand and walk with me

On the path that reveals your destination,

Ahead of you, the vision clear,

It’s beauty and the splendour

But don’t forget to patiently wait

As lives will surrender

I give these to you,

to show my love that’s true and tender.


Take my hand and walk with me

And share my joy and pleasure

And hold this time, I’ve spent with you today,

As something to always treasure.


Written by Bev Richardson





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